Thursday, August 28, 2008


A big shout out to all the political scientists who are convening today at the American Political Science Association conference in Boston. It is a shame that it overlaps with the Democratic convention (although that's actually the DNC's fault rather than APSA's), and even more of a shame that I have to catch a redeye tonight so I can present a paper tomorrow at 10:15AM. It's likely to be ugly. Luckily, my discussant is here with me in Denver, will be a sleep-deprived as I will be, and probably won't have time to read the paper.

Many alert readers wrote in to say that they saw me not once, but twice, during last night's speeches. I'm hoping the folks at the Klugie happy hour at APSA get to see me doing my Courtney Cox dance with the Boss tonight on live TV.

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