Saturday, August 23, 2008

UPS Mints? For me???

I'm not moving into the convention hotel until tomorrow night, but I'm excited to see my delegate goody bag when I arrive. DemConWatch reports on the contents of the DNC goody bag:
Pedometer. From Astra Zeneca
Sanitizing gel with clip. Sponsored by Hogan & Hartson lawfirm
Joint Juice. Sponsored by Joint Juice.
Mints by UPS.
Mints by ProLogis real estate.
Chapstick by FedEx.
AT&T lapel pin and free ring tone card
Bunch of pens, one of which is made from recycled materials
A notebook.
I think I'll also be getting a Colorado Democrats goody bag. I'm guessing it contains buffalo jerky. Or maybe elk jerky! We'll see.

1 comment:

Eric Rubin said...

save me some of that joint juice - sounds intoxicating...