Friday, August 29, 2008


I know nothing about Gov. Palin, although I imagine I'll know plenty soon.
Still, is this a wise choice for the campaign running on experience?
McCain thinks Obama is risky, but he, a man in his 70s who has fought
multiple bouts with cancer, picks someone younger and less experienced than
Obama for his veep?


Lidzville said...

The NYTimes has a fabulously harsh throwaway line in its story on the pick, noting that it reminds people (who? dunno) of Bush 1's selection of Quayle. I swear my first thought when I saw the headline was "Michael Palin? Really?"

Eric Rubin said...

the gop are sheep. they'll get behind anyone - so i imagine they will all say, "this is a great pick." she's an gun-toting pro-lifer who is for more drilling. Once again, more of the same. Biden craps bigger than Palin.

saribotton said...

What I like about that pick is that McCain's choce of a gun-toting pro-lifer will make it really hard for pro-choice hardcore Hillary supporters to follow through on their threats to vote for McCain instead.

lidzville said...

I'm starting to think this was actually pretty smart. Would McCain really have gotten many Clinton voters? If the election comes down to the ground game in a few swing states, the only way he matches Obama's organization is with the church groups, who may be nuts, but they stick together and they vote.

Jeremy said...

Yeah this is pretty mystifying. I at least somewhat understand the two main things they seem to be going for - needing a woman to appeal more to leftover Hillary people and to women in general, and also needing someone perceived as being a stronger rightest than McCain while also somehow appearing to the slowly slipping perception of him as a "maverick" - but surely there had to be someone, somewhere in the party that appeals to those needs without being as inexperienced and questionable as Palin. It seems from the stories about this that she was barely even vetted or researched, or even met with really, about this beforehand.