Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hillary encourages her delegates to go with Obama

According to Jeff Strater, a Clinton delegate from Texas:
On a conference call last night for her 1800 national delegates, Hillary explained that she is 100% committed to taking back the White House and working hard to elect Sen. Obama as the Democratic Party nominee.

Hillary encouraged her delegates to be focused on the goal to defeat McCain and the republicans this fall. Sounding very upbeat and excited, Hillary spoke of campaigning for Sen. Obama in New Mexico and remarked that she has explained to voters that she has so much more in common with Sen. Obama than McCain.

Hillary commented that she was pleased that her delegates reflect the strength and diversity of the party and thanked everyone for their hard work. She looks forward to seeing everyone in Denver and mentioned a convention reception and other operational items that her remaining staff are working on. The mechanics of when and how delegates would be released was not discussed.
A conference call with 1,800 people? Wow.

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