Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Highlights of Tues. Night

Hillary saying, essentially, that what she fights for is more important
than she is.

Schweitzer's energetic petrol-bashing.

Kucinich's awesome impression of a populist frog being electocuted.

Whoever said that Bush started his presidency on third base and then stole

Oh, and Jen Victor in Pittsburgh reports that she saw me on MSNBC right as Hillary's speech ended. I'm apparently right behind the dancing father-daughter delegate team of Bob and Sara Khim.

Correction: I was standing behind Bob Kihm and Wendy Wilson.


Jennifer said...

I totally saw you. I DVR'd it and checked in slo-mo. Definitely Masket. So cool! BTW, Hillary was amazing. BEST SPEECH OF HER LIFE! I cried. She was powerful, persuasive, clear, sincere, motivating and RIGHT. I don't want to hear one more Republican spin about how she really wants Obama to lose. See you soon Masket. Enjoy!

Sam said...

As good as she was, and she was better than ever, she didn't extol Obama's leadership virtues. Had she done that, it may have seemed disingenuous. However, as the speech was crafted, she left room for the Republicans to continue the rant that, according to Hillary, Obama is not ready for the task.