Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clinton and the roll call

Matt at DemConWatch asks whether Hillary Clinton even wants to have her name on a convention roll call vote. The risk, as Marc Ambinder points out, is that she would almost certainly receive fewer votes than she has pledged delegates, which would indicate that her support has waned. On the other hand, a lot of her supporters clearly want this vote.

Matt seems to think a vote could work out for everyone, painting the following scenario:
Time it to end at 10:05 - just after the networks come on the air. Obama goes over the top - everyone celebrates - great visuals. Then, the NY delegation asks to be recognized. A certain former president, and superdelegate, asks that the nomination of Obama be made unanimous. The motion passes, and a great celebration of party unity follows. Five minutes of that, and a voice comes on the loudspeaker, saying, ladies and gentlemen, the next vice president of the United States, and the VP nominee comes to the podium.
I tend to agree. Something like that could work nicely.

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