Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scenes from Tuesday night

A concise protester outside the Convention Center.

Fellow delegate Jonathan Singer.

Me and my college buddy John Perez, who's becoming a member of the California Assembly next year.

This is what we see in front of us every night.

Elizabeth Kucinich, again. (I swear she's following me.)

Me, Gov. Bill Ritter, and fellow delegate Susie McMahon.
Me and Willie Brown!


Eric Rubin said...

I bet on willie brown's blog, he has a picture of himself with you, saying me with the famous Colo. delegate who is huge in brazil.

Chase Squires said...

I've seen some Clinton delegates unhappy about the voting procedure, is there any sense of a brewing protest come prime time tonight?

BTW, heard a noise up at Cheesman Park last night, jogged up the street and found they had set up a big TV on that parthenon thing there and about 100 people were out there watching Clinton's speech, a return to popular involvement in the political process? Haven't seen this many people fired up since the Republican Revolution in '92.

And, still being blanked in my determination to get involved in a standoff with The Man ... I blame it on Denver being too darn nice and laid back. Saw a radical friend of ours at Sunday's protest, he was going to march to the Pepsi Center, but then a friend called him with really, really good Rockies tickets ... so he went to the game.

lidzville said...

You're probably busy nominating a guy to be President and all, but can you shed any light on this Clinton-Obama rift narrative the press seems so ga-ga about? From Europe it's a little hard to tell if there really is a rift in the party, or this is just a case of two many editors looking for a storyline that can last 96 hours.

harrismasket said...

i absolutely love the picture with willie brown. he's such a huge icon out here in the bay area... i can't wait to show it around.
plus, it's just a nice shot. well framed. i like how you turned yourself fully towards the camera too.