Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary's delegates

This subject deserves a longer post than I can comfortably write on this
Blackberry. Anyway, there are still some serious divisions, although I
think HRC's speech mollified them somewhat.

The HRC folks, at least in Colorado, are much more organized and informed
than the Obama folks. The breakfast vote caught some of us by surprise,
and we figured the HRCers would hit the roof. But they knew it was coming
and at least some had been in on the negotiations. One said to me, "We
lost. There's nothing left to complain about." I don't know how universal
that feeling is among the HRCers.

I have no idea how the vote will be announced or recorded tonight, or
whether there will be objections to the format of the vote. I've heard
rumors that the NY delegation will move to nominate by acclamation, but
nothing confirmed.

It's weird being so close to the news without time to read a paper or watch

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