Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hill's nailing it

But will her supporters support what she's telling them to do?


harrismasket said...

I hope people listen to her. I feel like the line "he doesn't have the experience" is code for "i'm fearful of a black man named hussein obama." it's very difficult to have patience with the electorate.
i think i'll become an emperor penguin and move to antarctica.

Anonymous said...

Harris, Harris, Harris:

Obama really DOES have less experience in any major position than anyone either party has nominated since the end of World War Two. (I am counting Supreme Allied Commander as a major office here.) Compared to Obama, JFK was Bob Dole and Henry Clay put together. (OK, that's Strom Thurmond, but you see where I am going with this.)

Maybe Obama's so fabulous that this shouldn't matter, but it's the truth and it's wrong to dismiss everyone who cares about experience as racist.

Eric Rubin said...

before being elected was george bush experienced?

before being eleced was bill clinton experienced?

they were both governors and nothing more. the latter served admirably and the former mislead our country on every account.

obama has served in the senate and has seen a side of washington that he deplores. he has more experience heading into the white house than bush and clinton had combined.

admit it, anonymoous, you are afraid of a black man running our country.